Biodegradable Magnesium Extrusion

Biodegradable Magnesium-based implants are currently storming into biomaterial science. New developed Magnesium alloys found their way into biodegradable Magnesium implants. New research in this field is done daily by several leading groups around the world, And Prizma Engineering has made some impressive breakthroughs in the manufacturing process.

As a leading manufacturer of micro-extrusion presses, and due to our vast experience in handling Magnesium, our company was chosen to build special machinery for the use of biodegradable materials. We had to evolve our capabilities beyond the traditional approach of extrusion to a new approach known as “pharma extrusion”.

This approach demanded that we meet very strict pharmaceutical procedures and parameters throughout the manufacturing process. We had to re-examine the building materials and use only such materials and non-polluting lubricants that meet the health standards. These criteria led to the development of a new generation of micro-extrusion presses.

Due to our involvement in several pharmaceutical R&D programs, we developed the know-how that enabled us to produce cutting-edge machinery for this industry. We have collaborated on numerous occasions with customers in the development of prototypes, and building specialized machinery for their manufacturing process. We supported and collaborated up to the level of semi-finished products.

Unprecedented tube manufacturing

As our engineers became familiar with the potential and limitations of biodegradable magnesium extrusion, they achieved unprecedented capabilities.

We are now capable of producing seamless tubes with a wall thickness of 0.1mm, as opposed to the conventional 0.2mm offered by our competitors. Our process offers not only this groundbreaking wall thickness but consistent quality of the production line.

We believe this new manufacturing process will hold a key position in the future of pharma extrusion, and invite our clients to discover its potential with us.

High-precision Metal Extrusion

Equal force distribution is a challenging factor for many extrusion presses when it comes to high-precision extrusion. PRIZMA Engineering is no stranger to such delicate calibrations and tolerance settings, and we offer unique solutions that will provide your manufacturing line the the most consistent and accurate output.

X-GUIDE Technology

Our extrusion presses are designed for maximum precision and include our X-Guide technology. This is essentially a moving backplate, shaped like an X that secures an even distribution of force on the billet during the extrusion process. It means the hydraulic force from the piston pushes the X-Guide, and with its support from the 4 tie rids the material is pushed steadily through the die and produces an even output.

Adaptive Calibration

Precision is not a one-off event, but a continuous effort to produce the ultimate results. This means that we design our machines to learn from sensor readings and recalibrate accordingly. We want to secure an ever-improving legacy of efficient manufacturing through the use of smart-tech. Whether it’s for new machines or a revamped ones, we have the ability to digitise your manufacturing line.

High-Precision Results

Pushing the limit is always challenging, but through our partnerships with leading universities and component manufacturers we give our customers some of the highest-level of manufacturing possibilities in our industry. We keep learning from academic breakthroughs and we implement all the learnings we gain through our unique style and innovation. We have exceeded industry standards in previous projects and offer our future clients the same commitment and newer innovations.

We stand out among our competitors because of how our experience is complemented by our drive to innovate. We know what works, so bring us your challenges and we’ll provide you with the ultimate solution.


(Metal Matrix Composite)

When a pure metal is mixed with a strengthening material through a special process it is called ‘Metal Matrix Composite’, or MMC in short.

The process involves heating the two materials together while continuously stirring them at a high enough temperature for the metal to melt while the strengthening material doesn’t.

Once the composite has a homogeneous dispersal, it can be either cast into its final form, or into a billet that will then be used in a custom-built extrusion press. MMC is a cost-effective solution to producing materials with enhanced physical properties. This is far less expensive than acquiring and processing metals that have naturally better physical properties.

Pure Metals Used in MMC


Materials used for creating composites

Materials used for creating composites

What we do

Molten Mixers

We custom design and build molten mixers with rapid solidification processes. We will base our designs on your specific metallurgic requirements so that you only get the highest grade composites.


Custom Extrusion Presses

We produce custom extrusion presses, tailored to MMC requirements. From operation settings to inserted Carbite-based dies, we will build an extrusion press to help you produce your unique products.


PRIZMA Engineering is a proud participant in many in-depth studies in the field of metal extrusion. We collaborate with universities around the world with two main objectives in mind:

  1. Advance the collective knowledge of metal extrusion in all its variations.
  2. Grow our competitive advantage as a cutting-edge extrusion press manufacturer.