Mini Extrusion Press Line 50 – 1000 MT

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Mini Extrusion Press Line 50 – 1000 MT

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Lab Extrusion Presses for R&D – Universities and Institutions
Industrial sectors: Automotive, Medical system, and high-tech industry
Precision Extrusion of Sophisticated alloys

Extrusion of various sophisticated alloys

Aluminum hard alloys
Magnesium alloys
Copper and Brass alloys
Composite Profiles
Lead alloys
Gold & Silver Alloy


Seam / Seamless Extrusions
Front / Back Loading
Tailor-made production according to customer’s needs
Turn-key Extrusion Lines: from design till start-up.
High-tech Die Design
Extrusion Technologies Training
Advanced Closed Loop
Speed/Power Control Hydraulic System
PLC control with unique software, HMI Panels and
Integrated Data Logging System