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Metal Alloy Extrusion Technology

Tailored to Your Needs

We are an industry leading metal alloy extrusion press manufacturer. We design and build our micro presses and mini press lines to our customers’ specifications. With years of experience in manufacturing and R&D we have become experts in high-precision metal extrusion solutions for different types of metal alloys.

We Are

A custom metal alloy extrusion press manufacturer.
We have years of experience in this field we guarantee premium quality machinery that outperforms our competitors in quality and durability over time.

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Our research. Your development.

PRIZMA Engineering is an innovation driven company pioneering in metal alloy extrusion technologies. We offer our years of expertise in this field along with the most advanced industry practices to guarantee our customers will get the exact extrusion press for their needs. We continuously look for improvements and innovations in our field so we can always offer you the best solutions – tailored to your needs.

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Noval Extrusion Technology

We offer a new technology that boosts production with the minimum investment. We achieve high-efficiency by designing our extrusion presses with maximum precision.

Our company mission is to manufacture industry leading and standard setting extrusion presses so that our customers can produce high-quality products. Click here to discover the various industry applications for our extrusion presses.

High-Precision Extrusion

We have developed a proprietary manufacturing process to produce Magnesium tubes with a wall thickness of 0.1mm. This method is unique to PRIZMA Engineering and can be used for the biodegradable and medical industry industries. To learn more please visit our High-precisionand bio-medical pages.

What We Do: We build high-precision, durable, tailor made metal alloy extrusion presses.

In addition we offer complementary services such as material flow design & optimisation, machinery
upgrade & modernisation, and others.  Discover our services

Refurbishing & Modernising
Used Extrusion Press Lines

Second chances are hard to come by, and even more so for big industrial machinery such as metal extrusion presses. In some cases companies choose to replace their machines because they see obsolete technology despite the mechanics of it being in tact. We believe there to be another way:

Introducing: Machinery Digitalisation 

We will bring your old machinery up to today’s digital standards while preserving all the qualities you’ve enjoyed throughout the years.

We will refurbish what parts on the machine that have begun to show signs of wear and tear, and return an upgraded machine at a fraction of the price of buying a new one. 

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Turnkey Project Management

Sit back and let us do the work. We will manage your equipment relocation projects, machinery refurbishment, production line assembly and many other types of projects.

We take pride in our work ethics and our outstanding track record. Whether you want a plug & play lab  extrusion press, a production line to be moved to another continent or just next door, a manufacturing plant made designed, manufactured and assembled, we are here for you. 

Ready On Your Mark

Our team is ready for any global dispatch. We’ll join your ventures as consultants, sub-contractors, or project leaders.

We welcome you to visit our services page to learn more about our opportunities together.

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Media & Publications

Hydro and Reliefed team up to research and develop new 3D solutions in aluminium

Reliefed Technologies is partnering with the global aluminium company Hydro to research and develop new 3D solutions in aluminium, focusing on greater design freedom and more efficient use of resources and energy.

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​Hydro Expands Its Aluminum Research Capabilities with New Extrusion Test Center
Hydro opened an aluminum research lab in Finspång, Sweden, where it will test new types of aluminum alloys and their extrudability for eventual use in innovative applications that can help customers reduce their carbon footprint. The investment extends and complements the company’s global research and product application capabilities toward the growing market for sustainable aluminum solutions.
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Additive Manufacturing of H-13 Inserts for Optimal Extrusion Die Cooling

ET is so special that it only occurs once every four years. The event, focused solely on the aluminum extrusion industry, is unequaled. Experience the latest research and technology advances in the aluminum extrusion field at the 120+ technical sessions presented by global experts in every aspect of extrusion – technical, scientific and research.

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Extrusion Facility for the Development of New Lightweight Alloys and Structures

New Extrusion Facility

• SuccessfulARCLEIFgrant($430KfromARC)

• ToestablishAustralia’sonlylargescale research-dedicated extrusion facility

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Additive manufacturing of H-13 inserts for optimal extrusion die cooling

The hot extrusion process is a widespread manufacturing technology selected to produce sound profiles of almost any complex section. Even assumed the consolidated state of the process, however many process related aspects need still to be completely solved such as those related to the high temperatures involved.

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Micro and mini extrusion presses

​Big in small presses Application: For the production of quality profiles in Aluminium (Alloy), Magnesium and Copper or for use in Laboratories and Technical- and R&D Centres.

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