PRIZMA Engineering was founded in 2016 as a response to a growing demand for quality extrusion solutions in the metal production industry. As a growing number of companies demanded higher quality. We consider ourselves a solution provider in the field of metal extrusion presses. We use cutting edge technology and instruments to guarantee the highest industry quality standards and we are committed to deliver premium quality machinery and services to our customers.

​Experience and Expertise in Metal Extrusion Press Manufacturing

  Our various experiences have taught us much about the significance of attention to detail. This gives us control of the various factors involved in the extrusion process of Aluminium, Magnesium, and other metal alloys. We use 3D CAD and CAE models when designing our machinery in order to achieve the best solutions for our customers. This teaches us about the capabilities and limitations of the machinery we develop in terms of material and environmental requirements. Through careful planning our machines can deliver consistent results and long-term reliability.

Experts in Metal Alloy Extrusion

We offer the best micro and mini extrusion presses because aside from our mechanical engineering capabilities we are actively developing our metallurgical understanding capabilities. We go down to the molecular level during our development stages of new extrusion presses. Each customer has their own specific requirements and tolerances that are expected for their products in their industry, and we’re here to provide our end-to-end support and expertise.

We take education very seriously, which is why we offer a thorough introduction page to the field of metal extrusion. Click here to find out more.

We consult on extrusion projects

We appreciate the fact that some projects require only supervision and some just initial consultation. That’s why we also offer our clients our expertise through coaching and guidance throughout their projects. We can help make sure your project is planned and executed as it was meant to be. Contact us here!

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