PRIZMA Engineering is about more than manufacturing extrusion presses. We offer services in complementary fields that allow for a smoother and more efficient operation. 

Design & Manufacturing Custom Extrusion Press Lines

Tailor made often loses its significance in modern times where not just consumer products are mass-produced, but also manufacturing equipment. PRIZMA Engineering is a strict objector to such statements. We believe that each project deserves its unique solution to best answer the bespoke needs and requirements. For instance, what is required in the medical industry may not apply and may not be sufficient in the aerospace industry. 

We offer industry specific solutions

But beyond that we also offer proof of concept solutions to get your hypothesis green-lit before you set out to invest in a mass-production solution. We offer designing and building custom micro (lab) extrusion presses ranging from 5 to 50MT. 

Our bottom line is a long-term collaboration with our customers.

Material Flow Design Management

An efficient flow from arrival at the factory as raw material to departure as ready products or components can reduce costs significantly. Whether it is the number of workers required to run the operations, the time they take to move the goods from one point to another, or the bottlenecks holding back production, it is critical to do things right.

We support many international factories regarding layout designs material flow and efficiency of production improvement. 


Aluminium Recycling From Scrap to Ingot

To anyone who is familiar with the aluminium manufacturing industry it is more than clear that recycling aluminium is absolutely possible but not always easily done.

We offer you the opportunity to make a new addition to your factory. An environmentally friendly aluminium recycling plant that will reduce your long term expenses and improve your production efficiency.

Machinery Upgrade & Modernisation

We will upgrade your machinery to the most advanced technological standards, while preserving in tact mechanical components and replacing those that are worn.

We will upgrade the monitoring and controlling systems to the latest in digital technologies, and revamp or replace components to make your line faster, more efficient, and ultimately; smarter.

Our inspection and planning will leave your production line fully operational, and our upgrade process is both faster and cheaper than buying a new production line.

Your manufacturing line will compare and exceed competing alternatives through our unique technologies and extrusion expertise.

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Global Extrusion Line Relocation

We can support you through the entire process; from purchase to initial production. We will inspect the intended production line before you purchase it. We will disassemble the production line from the point of purchase and ship it to anywhere around the world.We will then re-assemble it and train your staff to operate the equipment.

We guarantee a bumper to bumper service with our experts present on location. We will handle your production lines with care to secure an efficient line relocation. Our years of experience in multinational projects and satisfied clients are a testimony to our professional commitment.


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