Extrusion presses

We offer a new technology that boosts production with the minimum investment. We achieve high-efficiency by designing our extrusion presses with maximum precision.
Our company mission is to manufacture industry leading and standard setting extrusion presses so that our customers can produce high-quality products. Click here to discover the various industry applications for our extrusion presses.

Our inspection and planning will leave your production line fully operational, and our upgrade process is both faster and cheaper than buying a new production line.
Your manufacturing line will compare and exceed competing alternatives through our unique technologies and extrusion expertise.
Introducing: Machinery Digitalization
We will bring your old machinery up to today’s digital standards while preserving all the qualities you’ve enjoyed throughout the years.
We will refurbish what parts on the machine that have begun to show signs of wear and tear, and return an upgraded machine at a fraction of the price of buying a new one.
Sit back and let us do the work. We will manage your equipment relocation projects, machinery refurbishment, production line assembly and many other types of projects.
We take pride in our work ethics and our outstanding track record. Whether you want a plug & play lab extrusion press, a production line to be moved to another continent or just next door, a manufacturing plant made designed, manufactured and assembled, we are here for you.
Ready On Your Mark
Our team is ready for any global dispatch. We’ll join your ventures as consultants, sub-contractors, or project leaders.
We welcome you to visit our services page to learn more about our opportunities together.

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